Thursday, September 3, 2009

The RNC sent an email to my husband requesting his support for the "cause". He doesn't get involved too much in the political debates, because it angers him. He chooses to reserve his energy to stay focused on the well being of his family. He is unemployed and facing more health related issues in the immediate future. It is in his best interest to stay positive and focused on what we face day to day as a family.

I thought I should respond to the RNC as his spokesperson because I know how he feels about the state of this country and I feel that his voice should be heard. This was the response that I sent to the Republican national Committee;

I would like to share a letter that I wrote to my Republican congressman for my Republican husband who has chronic health care issues. Many of your constituents have health issues that you are not addressing. It would appear that your main goals are to scare the public at large to keep the status quo.

Michael Steele is an embarrassment to your party. Your party is lost and until you realize that you work for the people and not for yourselves you will never be relevant. Stop your attempts to divide this great country and use your station to help the citizens, not your own self interests. You have already lost my husband who has been a life long Republican, because frankly, you sicken him!

Ok , so I let my emotions take over on this one.....I am human after all!

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