Friday, September 11, 2009

Congressman Miller,

In reference to your “Truth about….illegals will benefit”. Can we stop focusing on how some people might slip through some “loopholes” and benefit from a government option? First off all it’s not true that children who are born from illegal parents have their benefits include their parents. That is absolutely not true. This country will and has deported illegal parents with US born children and left the children in the hands of the state so they become a burden to the taxpayer, because that makes sense in someone’s mind.

Can you stop your scare tactics to the public and start working on getting health care for the citizens of the United States. There are citizens in this country that are in dire need but all you seem to want to focus on is illegals and how the market is enough to provide choices to all. As I stated to you before, if you have no money, you have no choice. Without a government option what is your answer to people who don’t make enough money to buy any healthcare insurance. I am trying to keep it simple for you. What is your answer for people who flat out cannot afford healthcare, and please don’t talk about tax breaks because that is not a realistic option for many of us. Please answer this plainly and simply. Stop detracting from the issue that this country fails to take care of its own citizens on a grand scale, but you want to focus on scaring people to keep the status quo.

It’s time for you to talk about real solutions. Please tell me what they are.

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From: CapitolConnection Newsletter [mailto:CapitolConnectionNewsletter@MAIL.HOUSE.GOV]
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September 11, 2009

Congress is Back in Session, Faces Full Fall Agenda
This week, Members of the House of Representatives have returned to Washington after having been at home with the people they represent over the month of August. During the recess, Congressman Miller maintained a busy schedule by meeting with constituents in his Brea Office, hosting a health care listening session to discuss concerns and implications of a government-run health care system, and participating in several other health care town halls. As the House gears up for what is expected to be a jam-packed fall agenda, Congressman Miller will work with his colleagues to bring fiscal discipline back to Washington in order to place our nation back on the road to economic prosperity.

The Truth About the House Government-Run Health Care Bill: Illegals Will Benefit
Although both the Administration and Congressional Democrats claim that the 1,018-page House government-run health care bill will not provide benefits to illegal immigrants, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service has found that a series of loopholes in the legislation will indeed provide health care coverage to illegals. While the legislation expressly prohibits illegal aliens from receiving government-run health care, the bill does not include a specific requirement that a person prove his or her citizenship in order to obtain affordability credits, which means that illegal aliens could obtain coverage. Further, another provision states that if one member of a family is afforded coverage all members would have coverage. This means that if a child of illegal aliens is born in the United States, then the entire family becomes eligible for coverage. What is even more disconcerting is that several Republican amendments to prohibit illegal aliens from receiving coverage by closing various loopholes in the bill have been defeated in House Committees of jurisdiction. Currently, it is estimated that American taxpayers already spend over $4.3 billion each year to provide health care to illegal immigrants, primarily through emergency room visits and free clinics, and under the House bill it is estimated that providing expanded coverage to illegals could cost the government up to $30.5 billion annually. During these times of economic hardship, Congressman Miller adamantly opposes providing additional taxpayer-subsidized health care to those that have recklessly disregarded our nation’s immigration laws.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The RNC sent an email to my husband requesting his support for the "cause". He doesn't get involved too much in the political debates, because it angers him. He chooses to reserve his energy to stay focused on the well being of his family. He is unemployed and facing more health related issues in the immediate future. It is in his best interest to stay positive and focused on what we face day to day as a family.

I thought I should respond to the RNC as his spokesperson because I know how he feels about the state of this country and I feel that his voice should be heard. This was the response that I sent to the Republican national Committee;

I would like to share a letter that I wrote to my Republican congressman for my Republican husband who has chronic health care issues. Many of your constituents have health issues that you are not addressing. It would appear that your main goals are to scare the public at large to keep the status quo.

Michael Steele is an embarrassment to your party. Your party is lost and until you realize that you work for the people and not for yourselves you will never be relevant. Stop your attempts to divide this great country and use your station to help the citizens, not your own self interests. You have already lost my husband who has been a life long Republican, because frankly, you sicken him!

Ok , so I let my emotions take over on this one.....I am human after all!